Thursday, July 28

Entwined: Book Review

by Heather Dixon

This is a retelling of the twelve dancing princesses.  My favorite bit about this retelling was how the author explored the relationship between the girls and their father.  She really takes the time to discover how they could be in such a situation.  Why would their father not be in on their little secret?  As usual I liked meeting the different guys who came to "solve" the riddle.  Although, the way I see it you can hardly say that is what they were doing.  It didn't seem that they were trying to solve anything.  They were just there for an excuse to visit and play.  I thought it a bit much that the three oldest girls who are between fourteen and seventeen during the book found suitors.  I just think some of them are far too young.  I tried to brush it off by reminding myself that is more common for that time period.  I found the relationship between Mr. Bradford and Azalea just a bit flat.  He is a likeable character but he just seemed to be absent in more ways than one.  All in all a good read but my favorite retelling of this story is Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George.