Friday, July 8

Trial by Fire: Book Review

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This was a bit of a let down for me.  I rather liked the first book and thought the idea of a human alpha was going to be promising.  So far it just seems lame and the author can only hit that amazing things are to come.  Well, I am not so convinced.  I think my lack of belief is centered more on her current age than anything else.  I am not trying to say that young teenagers don't have strength more like how long will we have to wait until the amazing day of prophecy is fulfilled.  Are we talking way more books than my attention span.  I also felt like a lot of the uniqueness the characters lent to this story was a bit watered down this time around.  They just didn't grab my emotions so well as before.
One thing I really get to wondering when you have teenagers in these sort of circumstances is when are they going to manage to get jobs and support themselves?  They are way to busy for that sort of mundane thing.  Who is footing the bill?  Anyway, just a random thought.  Not a bad book but I am not so sure the next one is a pre-order.  Perhaps, a wait and see or grab at the library.

Spoiler Section:
Okay, so I realize that the relationship is young and so are the two involved in it.  But really she holds it against him that the pack doesn't rate above her in his eyes.  What?  Isn't it every woman's dream to be her man's number one priority.  Don't we want to be all important?  Well, maybe not since it would be rather suffocating but sometimes I still wish just a little.