Thursday, July 21

Hush: Book Review

by Donna Jo Napoli

This was a spontaneous grab at the library.  It wasn't until I finished that I checked goodreads and found that I could have avoided a bad read if I would have read the reviews.  Shame on me.
So that said this book is very realistic, meaning nothing works out too well.  The poor girl becomes the victim of just about every bad thing for this time.  The only good thing I can find from it is that beauty can be a terrible curse.  Also, I found it ironic that in the process of trying to save her they took a chance that actually doomed her.  Would it have been as bad having been married to the other guy?  Did her family even manage to get their paltry revenge?  I guess just like real life you never know what would have been if only you had made a different choice.  I don't buy the happy ending.  This book left me with a bad taste on the brain and my spirits a bit low.  Hopefully, the next book I read will be a treasure.

Spoiler Section:
I don't like that she starts to like or possibly love the man who has been raping her and is now the father of her child.  The idea that her future doesn't matter anymore so long as her son can be free.