Tuesday, July 12

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon: Update

I had really good intentions for this read-a-thon but fate has been against me just a bit.  Sunday morning I contracted an ear infection of the most painful type.  Why is it that these horrible afflictions always seem to happen after the doctors office is closed for the weekend?  This was not the sort of sickness that makes reading books easier.  I couldn't focus through the pain to do more than survive.  It certainly didn't help that I am pregnant and have a toddler.  Too much responsibility when I just wish I were a kid again so my mother could take care of everything.  Plus, not being able to take anything for the pain was torture.  Life seemed so much easier when my mother would just let me rest and watch television while sick.  She would bring me everything I needed.  Monday after a very long wait I finally got some antibiotics but the first pill did little more than take a fraction of the pain away.  I tried to read but it was all in vain.  Today I found myself getting a cavity filled so that took up my morning.  But I have managed in spite of all of this to finish a book.  Yea for me.