Saturday, July 30

Crushed: Book Review

by K.C. Blake

When offered the chance to review this book I was won over by the idea of what would happen if the game went wrong.  I just had to read the book and find out.

Crushed the game was an interesting idea.  I wished I had gotten to see more of the game play out.  It wasn't necessary of course but my inner curiosity wanted more.  What would it have been like to have a boy follow you around and do anything you say.  When I was a teen that would have been a dream come true.  Or would it?  As the book played out I began to see that perhaps what you wish for isn't what you want.  This was a quite light read and worth the time.
Now for the weaker parts of the book.  The emotions were a bit too unstable.  I realize that as humans this is a completely true process in our minds.  Even so this seemed just a bit extreme.  Passionate, angry, indifferent passed a bit too quickly.  It made it hard to really stay in tune with the characters.  There were also some rather weak explanations.  The whole accusal things was just odd.  It seemed too easy to lose your powers.  Plus it make the Salem witch trials seem dumb.  How could you be afraid of something all you and to do was identify in from of others.  Look a werewolf, well not anymore.  A Vampire, oh wait never mind.  My bad now you are harmless.  If only bad things could be dealt with similarly in real life.

The book will be available in print at Amazon in a couple of months.