Thursday, July 7

Reaper: Book Review

by Rachel Vincent 

Moment Divine: "Glad you could make it," Levi said, sliding out of the chair to stand less than shoulder high on me.
"Yeah, it was tough to make time between the compulsive thumb twiddling and the lure of bingo night at Colonial Manor, but I managed to fit you in."

This was a bit more than I remember from this series.  There seemed to be more swearing and both boys were pretty much obsessed with sex in one way or another.  But other than that, it was actually a nice insight into the circumstances that surrounded Tod's job.  It was nice to find out a bit about Nash that even he doesn't know.  That does affect how I feel about him as a whole.  I do really hope in the long run that things work out well for him.  In many ways he has begun to become something of a great person.