Tuesday, July 12

Foundling: Book Review

by D.M. Cornish

I picked this book up based upon the cover of the newest in the series.  The cover was just so beautiful.  I was sad to find out that I couldn't just pick it up and read but rather I had to read two other books first.  Furthermore, I wasn't much taken with this cover and so it took me awhile to get around to reading it.  My first thought however upon reading the first two paragraphs, was how much my husband would enjoy this book.  This was definitely a different world from those I have read so far.  I really liked Rossamund and of course don't see anything wrong with his name.  It was nice to see how he coped with what life threw his way.  I particularly liked that even though others said he needed to be harder he stayed true to himself and managed to do just fine.  The next book in the series will most definitely find its way into my reading pile.