Monday, July 11

Halt's Peril: Book Review

by John Flanagan

Moment Divine: "Then I'll talk o him tonight," Halt said.

"You can try. But he's a hard case, Halt. I'm not sure you'll get anything out of him. He's not interested in money. I tried that."

"Well, perhaps he'll do it out of the goodness of his heart. I'm sure he'll open up to me," Halt said easily. But Horace noticed a quick gleam in his eye. He was right: the prospect of having something to do had reawakened Halt's spirits. He had a score to settle, and Horace found himself thinking that it didn't bode well for this Black O'Malley character.

Will eyed Halt doubtfully, however. "You think so?"

Halt smiled at him. "People love talking to me," he said. "I'm an excellent conversationalist and I have a sparkling personality. Ask Horace. I've been bending his ear all the way from Dun Kilty, haven't I?"

I love the wit that the characters display.  The interactions between the characters are also really great.  I think it is amazing that when so many other series have started to lose their edge this one is still going strong.  This was a great read.  These guys sure know how to find trouble and then extricate themselves from it.  I would definitely recommend this series for boys since they would love all the adventures.