Thursday, April 12

Chain Reaction: Book Review

Chain Reaction
by Simone Elkeles
August 16th 2011
 Young Adult | Contemporary | Romance

Yet another Fuentes brother comes of age and is ready to show the world what he is made of. Along comes bitter Nikki Cruz and sparks ignite. But as they grow closer Luis steps farther from the path he has set out for himself.
 Luis as a character was great at the beginning of the book. He is addicted to an adrenaline rush but is still set on a path towards greatness. Very acceptable but it felt as the book progressed that his character suffered from a lack of individuality. His character would lose his own flavor and start to taste like a repeat. Especially when he learns a secret from his past and drops all of his ideals. Suddenly everything that makes him unique disappears. Even Nikki, though Mexican, is still a repeat of the other upstanding girls. The book began to lose my interest toward the end. The epilogue didn't felt written more for an entire other world.
There seemed to be less story and more sex related content in this book. Also, the cover played into one of the more cheesy moments in this book. Cheesy and Fuentes just don't seem to mix well.
Not a terrible read but it fell flat for me.

Content: Heavy sexual scenes, heavy swearing, violence, teenage pregnancy, drugs, and underage drinking