Tuesday, April 17

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: Book Review

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
by Jennifer E. Smith
Poppy/Little Brown
January 2nd 2012
Young Adult | Contemporary

Love is supposed to last forever. For the family of Hadley love was the cause of great heartache and permanent separation. Now she is off to to attend her fathers new marriage and meets Oliver who is about to change everything. It all started in a crowded airport over a piece of luggage.
The title of this book is a complete mouthful yet a perfect summary at the same time.  The smallest events can set you on an entirely new course. The fact is that once you find yourself at the consequences for that event you can still decide how to react. Will it be bitterness and anger or will you choose to make the best of it? Hadley finds herself on the bitter end of the spectrum but a series of what seem like unfortunate events and a chance meeting will help her to see a new side to her predicament.
The message of the strength of love and its ability to change your life is rampant throughout this book. It wounds, rebuilds, refreshes, blinds, crushes, mystifies, and blindsides. Love isn't just something that is beyond your control you have to decide to take the leap and keep moving.
Oliver is a very entertaining character and very good at affecting change for Hadley. He has an ability to say just the right thing to diffuse or smooth over a situation. But lies can easily become a sword to wound and hopefully he continues to use them for good.
The books starts with a depressing situation and helps us to see that there is always a bright side if we only choose to open our eyes and let go. Grab onto the things and moments that matter and never let go.
The timeline of this book is twenty four hours, which is the hardest part to accept. Such a vast amount of change occurs in that short time. It makes it a bit difficult to accept the Hadley's new found optimism but the nature of it is so sweet you can't help but want to believe. If it could happen for her perhaps it is likewise possible for others.