Thursday, April 26

Sweet Evil: Book Review

Sweet Evil
by Wendy Higgins
May 1st 2012
Young Adult | Fantasy
Angel | Demon

Anna has lived with very enhanced senses for years. It isn't until the night of the Lascivious concert that she discovers she might not be the only one. Kaidan, dark and seductive, opens her mind to certain secrets that will forever change her life. While Anna faces this new frightening life, she is drawn toward Kaidan. Unfortunately, he has his mind entirely focused on his job on top of which relationships are forbidden. She must face off against the terrors of this world and decide if she will hold onto her innocence or embrace the dark.
This cover is so gorgeous up close and personal. The picture you see here doesn't do it justice.

Wendy Higgins has created two characters which should be near impossible to empathize with. Kaidan is drop dead gorgeous and a bad boy to the core. Don't take that lightly, he isn't just a dabbler into the darker side of life. Anna is so innocent, that at the age of sixteen, the biggest sin on her slate is one lie she immediately apologized for. Even though one is nigh unto evil and the other unbelievably innocent they are riveting characters. You will read with baited breath until the end to see what they will do. A testament to Wendy Higgins' ability to write.

Up until now I have endured the angel fad patiently. I have read a book here and there in an effort to understand its popularity. A couple were bearable if passably entertaining but no real winners... until now that is. All of my past aversion has gone up in flames as I was brought under its spell. So what makes this one succeed where others have failed? Most absolutely the author! Specifically, let us investigate a little. 
As far as the angel lore is concerned this matches up fairly well with the others. The focus of this book is more centered on demons than angels. There is a fair bit of education going on in the pages. But all of that information is related in a very entertaining fashion. Some of these angel books are full of preachy uncomfortable moments and judgement in gobs. This book isn't preachy, as Anna is very loving and understanding of others. We are privy to the very real struggles of a large variety of people.  Each has a differing level of weakness for certain evils. I love how auras help to enhance the characters and their struggles. The story is a beautiful mix of dark and light. Written so masterfully that you can't help but be drawn along either path without a pang in conscience. There are also a good amount of humorous moments sprinkled in here and there.

This book is so absolutely divine. When I noticed that I was almost done my heart wept that it would soon have to leave this world. I loved every minute and am beside myself with longing for more.
Pre-order a copy right now, don't give yourself a chance to back out. Just buy it and maybe even sleep with it under your pillow to aid you in your dreams. If by some miracle you don't fall under its persuasive embrace there will be many who will gladly relieve you of the burden. I for one will be adding this book to my permanent shelf.

Content: Mild swearing, moderate sexual content, underage drinking, and drugs
Main Character Age: 16

Moment Divine:
"I wished I could have talked to him longer. I wondered how I could get hold of him.
I supposed I could attach my phone number to a pair of my undies and throw them onstage at his next show. The thought actually made me laugh out loud. He'd probably take one look at the one-hundred-percent white cotton panties and chuck them in the trash."