Thursday, April 19

Switched: Book Review

by Amanda Hocking
St. Martins Griffin
January 3rd 2012 (First published July 12th 2010)
Young Adult | Fantasy

Wendy has always felt as if she didn't belong. One day she discovers just how right she has always been. She is a changeling but even once she returns to her own kind she still feels apart. But life is getting a whole lot more intense and boredom is no longer part of the picture.
The beginning of the book was very hard to swallow. The characters are wishy-washy. Wendy seems to be a very apathetic spoiled character. She uses everyone around her to get just what she wants. Wendy also has a fondness for the word sociopath, which is not a word many seventeen year even know, let alone use frequently. The recipient of her bounteous vocabulary is Finn. Both Finn and Wendy suffer from being extremely apathetic in the beginning. Suddenly, as the wind changes, they have both unearthed nearly a whole new personality. Finn tries on bipolar and then settles for workaholic. Wendy changes her face for loving and boy obsessed. Also, Wendy seemed to know things there was no way for her to know. Several moments of divine knowledge from above. Assumption seems to run rampant in this book.
Amanda Hocking's choice of Trolls as her subject came as a complete surprise. The way the book was building I was expecting fairy lineage. It was refreshing to be given and new race to study. Before long however, the Trolls became the very people very few would like. Wendy's use of the word parasite very aptly describes the Trolls as explained by Amanda Hocking. I found it rather hard to feel much emotion toward them.
Most of the book was largely boring, which parallels exactly how Wendy is feeling. We get dragged through much of the same instructive and informative days as she does. When the climax came it was a relief. At this point, the characters all started to assert themselves and it became interesting. The added story at the end was a really good read since it provides intrigue in an otherwise dull story. It seems there is promise for the future of this story now that all the history is over.

Similar to Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Content: heavy swearing and violence