Saturday, April 28

IMM and My Reading Pile: 11

IMM: Hosted by The Story Siren
My Reading Pile: Hosted by [Fikt]shun

In the Mail:
Which is a good things since I really need to catch up. But I suppose in some cases a bit bad since I need the book to read it for upcoming deadlines. Oh well, what is a girl to do?

Left Behind:
Last week I didn't manage to get to Seeds of the Rebellion but I still plan to get to it. Right now I am putting aside books in favor of reading other books that I have to return very soon. Plus I am planing on going to a book signing on May 4th and I haven't read two of the authors books yet. If I have time I want to have those read before I go. Probably won't happen but a girl can try. So I will likely return to my regularly scheduled reading for review after this event. Sorry to shove you all over a couple of weeks but it had to be done. I needed a small break. Here are those books being included in the temporary hold:
Pack of Lies by
Seeds of the Rebellion by Brandon Mull
Purity by Jackson Pearce
The Calling by Kelly Armstrong

In the Reading Pile:
This weeks pile is more fluid than usual. These are the books I will be picking from on a case by case basis this week.
The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini
Darkness Before Dawn by J.A. London
Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
Eve by Anna Carey

Wishful Thinking:
My wishful thinking this week is that I miraculously read all of the books on my reading pile. I also wishfully would like to buy a handful of books at the store.