Monday, April 23

Forever: Book Review

by Maggie Stiefvater
July 12th 2011
Young Adult | Paranormal | Romance

Tom Culpeper just won't give up until every last wolf is dead. He has finally gotten approval and the wolves are breathing their last. How will Sam find Grace among them and get them all to safety? Can Cole find a cure for the werewolf disease?
This story is fairly evenly divided between four characters voices. Cole St Clair is by  far the most entertaining of the four characters. He is the comedic relief as well as what keeps the story moving. More than anyone in this book he is the real hero. Sam has become something very akin to a zombie and repeats his cycle until the plot begins to close. I found Grace a bit boring and at times exasperating.
In this last book everyone is trying to come to terms with their positions and their limitations. Can they really make plans for their future and what should those plans be? Sam, who has been cured, or so it seems, is faced with the new possibility of a future. It was nice to watch him step up a bit and begin to remove obstacles and fight for his future. Grace is stubbornly holding onto her original plan for her future. This involves a few risky endeavors with family and friends as well as the problem of being a canine for most of the year. Cole St Clair holds onto his charisma while blazing a whole new path. He finds purpose and direction and gives it his all. All of the characters change for the better.
The ending was a great wrap up for the trilogy. It was as realistic as I was expecting with just enough closure to leave the future open to possibility. The ending couldn't be too complete or the title of forever just wouldn't fit.
All in all the character journey was great to follow and it was a great conclusion to the trilogy.