Monday, April 30

Heist Society: Book Review

Heist Society
by Ally Carter
February 9th 2010
Young Adult | Mystery

Can you ever really escape your heritage? Some things are just hard wired. Kat has tried to escape the life of a thief and failed. She finds herself trying to undo a heist with the help of her friends. Problem is they are attempting the impossible.
The whole book was a bit of a deja vu for me. I felt as if I had already watched it on a movie or maybe read the book before. 
The writing in this book is excellent. Right from the beginning the voice narrating the story was compelling. The characters are all a bit slippery, but considering they are thieves, it works. The characters each seem to give up only tiny tempting tid-bits about themselves. 
The mystery wasn't particularly deep but it was suspenseful. 
Kat is the focus of the book more than the mystery. She has tried to remove herself from thievery, but her choice has come with some consequences in regards to her family and friends. Troubled by the consequences and what she has missed out on, she sets out to find a path that fits her better. She isn't a normal girl but she doesn't have the heart to steal. I am excited to see what adventures will come in the future. An enjoyable read into the mind of a thief. 
Similar to Artemis Fowl.