Saturday, January 15

The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group

by Catherine Jinks

Awesome! This book was just a plain riot from start to finish.  I told my husband that you could compare this to the difference between the original batman and the most recent rendition.  It takes the old hokey legend and brings it, very believably, into the world we live in now.  On top of that this cast of characters gets thrown haphazardly from one unlikely event into another.  It is amazing that they survived as well as they did.  I guess the book itself wasn't real deep or involved but the events keep you guessing.  The closing line was hilarious, in a what kind of a last thing to say way.  Overall, this is not my type of book but page by page I am glad I picked it up.  A very diverting read and very imaginative.  I definitely recommend this book.