Saturday, January 29

Shout It Out Saturday: The Very First

Image and text provided by Flashpotatoes LLC.

Have you ever read a book that keeps you up all night?  How about so intense you forget to breathe, let alone eat?  Perhaps a book that left you so satisfied that you felt no other book could compare?  Or, might it be, that after reading the book you had an overwhelming need to own your very own copy and read it till the binding breaks?  Was the book so good it  that it now haunts your dreams and is the only thing you can talk about for hours, maybe even days, after finishing it?

Well come and share some of that obsessive energy here and let some other people who understand share the burden.

The book that had me at its mercy was The Iron Queen, my review.  I finished late one evening and immediately started walking around the house with no direction.  My poor husband was trying to tune me out everytime I would chime in with some new great part I remembered from the book.  I know that the book did certainly make all others seem lifeless for a time.