Wednesday, January 26

The Iron Queen

by Julie Kagawa


Stellar!  I bow down and worship at the feet of this stupendous author.  She has created such a work of art that has awed me.  I absolutely adore the characters and love how she has woven so much trajedy and sorrow through the pages.  All of the torment makes this feel so true to other fairy tales I have read.  At the same time she manages to add just a glimmer of hope a promise of a better future.  The battle scenes are riveting and fierce almost beyond imagination.  Those small moments of love are deep and true.  I loved page 296 for the amazing description that was absolutely perfect making it such a sacred moment.

Whatever you do at least consider this series on your list if you are in any way interested in Fae books.  I can't imagine you will have regrets other than the sleep you missed staying up reading.