Saturday, January 22


This is so great, hosted by Maw Books Blog.  I am new to this whole thing and have so many hopes and dreams for my blog.  For instance, it looks nothing like I wish it would.

Things I know I want to set up or fix:
Get a nice header (I commissioned one from Flashpotatoes but have a small wait)
Get my review pictures done and up (once again waiting for Flashpotatoes to finish)
Get my passport up (so much research for this one)
Getting reviews entered for old but good books

Things I don't know but really want done:
I want to take on some of the mini challenges and what not.

For instance:
Google Forms (I haven't needed them just yet but I will)
Buttons and Banners (They just add so much, don't you think?  I am thinking about getting the pictures from Flashpotatoes)
10 don'ts (Well obviously I don't want to make terrible mistakes)
Mr. Linky (so cool. . . and so not in my repretoire yet)
Check my review policy
Blog copyright
Blog analyzed
Blog directories

Ohh. . . it doesn't look good at all.  I don't think this is possible (okay just breathe), I should at least start somewhere.  Any hints or tips are always appreciated, thanks for stopping by on your way around the circuit.