Saturday, January 8

New to the world of book blogging

I am so new to this awesome world of book blogging.  Reading itself has been in my blood as long as I can remember.  It is so deeply rooted I find myself in trouble all the time.  When I was young my mother even had to ground me from reading.  Never friends or anything normal, it was always reading.  So since I am new to this and really want to feel a part of the community I would love it if some of you sweet souls would take pity on me.  Do you think you could spare some advice or love?

Keep in mind I have some ideas already that might help me out.  I want to get some great art work from my husband's company to give the site more personality.  He put this picture below together for me which I sought to give my goodreads page something uniquely me.  I think it is perfect since I read most in bed and do seem to have this exact look of anticipation and utter concentration on my face when reading.

I think a giveaway might help me out a bit.  So far that is where I stand I guess I continue to plod on.