Friday, January 28

Follow Friday: 1/28

What is/was your favorite subject in school?


 That depends largely on what portion of school you mean.  In high school I would have to say it was science or more particularly genetics.  Now don't go getting all impressed, the subject of genetics just clicked.  Right from the start I could completely understand it as it were as simple as riding a bike.  I am sure everyone experiences this from time to time.

In college I still liked genetics but since it was my focus I felt I could then direct my spare energy into fun stuff.  In so doing I came across a floral design class that I just fell in love with.  Once again don't go getting some funky idea that I was some great floral design prodigy.  To be honest I was no more than average, but it was nice to have an outlet that was purely fun.


  1. I agree that this question depends on which part of school! :)

  2. Floral design...that's so neat. My college didn't offer anything like that.

  3. Genetics! Wow. I'm impressed. I liked science but was never really good at it or math. Floral design sounds fun! Cute blog. I'm a new follower :)

  4. Stopping by via Follow Friday! Wow! Genetics sounds fascinating! My favorite subject in school was always English, which isn't surprising since I've always loved reading and writing. History was always another good subject for me, although I tended to avoid U.S. History because it didn't interest me as much as ancient history did.

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  5. those sound like some very creative and fun a new follower...jenna

  6. English wasn't as exciting as it should have been for me. I loved the classics, but selectively. Give me the chance to read Jane Eyre or a Jane Austen like book and I am on board. On the other hand some of those classics are way depressing and since reading is more an escape for me I want it to be peachy at the end. I think it is funny you didn't like US History. Neither did I, and I had a spectacular teacher.