Wednesday, January 19

Lock and Key

by Sarah Dessen

Now I am not much into this whole examine your life and fix it stuff.  That is a deep dark road as the main character finds throughout the book.  Even being out of my comfort zone, I actually liked this book.  The characters are really easy to identify with and it feels so real you can really believe it is real and not fiction.  My only real qualm is due to my overly romantic need when I read a story.  I just wanted more of a complete and final seal on that department.  The ending was very satisfying if this was a real life story since no matter where you are in life the future is always uncertain.  I just figure since this is fiction why not make it a bit more perfect.

One thing I have noticed from reading a few of Sarah's novels is how well she writes to her audience.  I really feel that many different types of people could read this book and come away with just a little bit more.  It seems that her books are what you decide to make of them.  This book especially takes on this message.  The character finds herself noting that you get out of relationships what you are willing to risk and give back.