Tuesday, January 25

Talk to me Tuesday

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This week's question: 
Do you have any specific literary pet-peeves in the genres you read and why?

My biggest pet peeve is the whole overly lustful thoughts that seem to dominate far too many books.  
I recently tried to read Personal Demons and it seemed that ever paragraph had to have something along the lines of: I wish I could be in his pants or What would it be like to be in his pants?  Yuck, as if our brains have no other purpose than to think in circles like that.  I think this sets a bad example for teens namely that love (or should I say lust) is only about sexual things.  What we should be trying to teach them is to seek out a love that is true and lasting no matter what trials life will drag up.  Now as an example of just about the opposite I would present The Iron Queen.  I was super impressed that I found myself deep in the third book and all they had done was kiss.  Even at that it was very low key as far as time spent on such details.   The emotions that were felt by the characters felt more natural.  Sure, they wanted to kiss and all that but it didn't own or drive them.


  1. I'm totally with you on this. I started Personal Demons and had to stop for that very reason. Here's the thing, and maybe I'm biased because of being a conservative Catholic, but not everyone wants to just drop their drawers and have it at the first chance they get. I want slow, building relationships that are created through mutual companionship and growth. If I wanted to read erotic, I would....simple as that.

    Great answer, and thanks for participating! :)

  2. Is Personal Demons considered YA? I know boys are supposed to think about sex every 18 seconds or so. I even read that in a conservative book I was reading, but really how many of us girls have thought about it that much with a guy even a hottie. We just aren't wired that way. Or maybe I'm weird and not wired that way. I definitely think the YA books should have a relationship and if sex is involved it shouldn't be right away. It should be developed over the course of time and a natural progression. On the other hand. I have a problem with two eleventh graders, by themselves who have been dating for awhile laying on the couch kissing for hours and nothing else happens. I don't believe that. Writers have to make the sex believable in YA. Personal Demons shouldn't be YA and the two eleventh graders should have gotten up off the couch or the guy should have tried something to make it believable. No one is that good.


  3. From everything I can find it does seem that personal demons is for YA.