Friday, May 4

Bookmarks: Love 'em, Hate 'em, Can Never Find 'em

I generally use whatever flat object comes to hand for a bookmark. I most definitely do NOT dog ear my pages. Sure it would be convenient. You never lose the book right? Well actually I can lose those too but that is a whole other story. It is tempting to dog ear the page because I am always losing those bookmarks while reading. I get so involved in the pages that I don't notice the bookmark slipping who knows where. I wake up in the morning with them stuck to me sometimes. If that wasn't a big hint that I like to read right before bed I don't know what is. Since I lose so many bookmarks I have never bothered to get too attached to them or even buy an official bookmark. It would end up being a costly maneuver. I have longingly cast my eyes over several good looking bookmarks over the years, but so far, I haven't bought any. Those ones with the fancy ribbons and charms draw my eye quite a bit.

I believe it was about a year and a half ago when I scored a the book Sea Glass directly from Maria V. Snyder. Hmm. . . The Poison Study sounds like the perfect read for me right now. Focus, ephrielle, focus. Read now, I mean write now, read later. Sheesh! Don't let them know how scatter brained we are. Wait, did I just say "we"? I meant "I". Okay, just forget that last part and lets move forward. With that beautiful book came a few various swag items. This was the first time I had ever encountered swag. While I have lost almost every item of swag as well as traded away the book since then, I still have one piece. It remains to this day my favorite bookmark. The poor little thing isn't even technically a bookmark and at one time got into the little chubby hands of a drooly baby. It has definitely seen better days, but I love it. No bookmark has been able to supplant it yet. But I have of late been seeing some real beauties. Here are the runners up for best bookmark. I am going to make you wait to see my favorite. Hold in there.


I got lucky and got two of these bookmarks recently. I was using one with my last reading experiences. I was reading blissfully, fully unaware that my child had taken the bookmark from its resting place and bit it. So now it has a very prominent bite mark on a corner. Maybe Kai looked so delicious the child just couldn't resist taking a small taste.

 Yep, I love my Poison Study "bookmark" may it last for years to come.

I wonder how many of these little swag items an author gets. Do they get what seems like a never ending supply? I wonder if I sent a SASE would I get tons of bookmarks? Hey, it could be the new thing. Here is my query letter where I ask if you have some bookmarks to spare a reader. Enclosed is my SASE in which you will placed said bookmarks and keep me stocked so I don't have to resort to using random garbage paper to keep my place or I start dog earring pages. *shudders*

Maybe I should try this SASE thing and see if my favorite bookmark is still in print. Hey, it could happen. Or perhaps I will have to start looking for my backup favorite.