Tuesday, May 1

Hounded: Book Review

The Iron Druid Chronicles
by Kevin Hearne
Del Rey
May 3rd 2011
Adult | Fantasy
Warlock | Vampire | Fae | Werewolf | Witch

This Druid is over two thousand years old and has as many foes hunting him down. Wielder of not only a killer sword but a snarky wit. He also has a libido that is a serious tangent in times of danger.
As soon as the book let out of the gate it was fabulous. There was plenty of interesting history as well as dialogue to make the pages race. Then, slowly, it started to feel too much like the typical man show. Sex, action, sex, action, rinse and repeat. Where was the deeper plot? The best character was the old widow, Mrs. MacDonagh, who seemed to have some odd ideas in her noggin. The back and forth between Atticus and the widow were very entertaining. The dialog and action scenes are really well written, so much so as to completely distract me from the lack of depth. Inevitably, there would be a lull and I would realize that there was no real point to the awesome moments other than to impress. 
At the end of the day this book was a good read, but not good enough to entice me to pick up the next installment. Thank you for the ride but no desire for another ticket.