Monday, May 21

Sunny Side: Shout Out

My header as well as some other pictures on my blog are currently used with permission from Pascal Campion. He is coming out with his first book, Sunny Side. The image above is a sneak peek of the book. He really knows how to capture the emotion of a moment much like many of the great authors I read. Check out his website

Sunny Side Little sneak peak of SUNNY SIDE, my new art book, with the fantastic French publisher CAFE SALE. It will first be available at Annecy, during the festival, ( June 4th to 9). In this book, there are not only images, but a lot of questions and answers about my thoughts and processes when it comes to making art, daily sketches and a bunch of other things. Thank you to Katrina( my wife) and Karine de Cafe Sale who made this possible. These pictures were taken in Italy, by Celine Antoine.