Monday, May 28

Dark Passage: Book Review

Dark Passage
by M. J. Putney
St. Martin's Griffin
September 13th 2011
Young Adult | Fantasy | Historical (1803, 1940)
Time Travel | Magic

Tory's last trip through time was a harrowing adventure. Determined that she would never go back through the mirror, Tory does her best to avoid it. Her home time frame is not perfect. Far from it, she isn't allowed to attend her sister's upcoming wedding and a meeting with the parents of Allarde doesn't go well. Nick shows up with another call for help. It turns out her vow to never enter the mirror is void when she is pulled through by accident. Life or magic has a way of sending her just where she is needed.  Can Tory and her friends rescue the scientist from Nazi captivity? 
This time around the cover and title are fabulous. They make perfect sense and highlight a particularly intense moment in the book.

A really solid second in the trilogy. It didn't disappoint in the slightest. Full of close calls, heartbreak, true love, forgiveness, and change. We are given a better look into the lives of some of the previously minor characters. Jack and Cynthia, weather mages, find common ground. Tory and Allarde face hardship. Nick discovers that some good deeds come with added benefits. None of the stories are lacking in entertainment.

The story moves very quickly. Before long the irregulars were close to the success of their mission; everything seemed much too easy. There was two-thirds of the book left. What could the other pages possibly hold? M. J. Putney more than makes up for that almost too perfect moment. After that everything goes to pot in a hand basket.

The story was very well written. Everything flowed seamlessly from one event to the next. Dark Passage is a page turner. The characters are riveting and the path perilous. I wonder if we will get to learn more about Elspeth and Nick in the next book. A very good thing that that wait isn't too long. I recommend this for regency era lovers who want to see a little magic amongst the romance.