Thursday, May 3

Until I Die: Book Review

Until I Die (Revenants #2)
by Amy Plum
May 8th 2012
Young Adult | Fantasy

Having found a lust for life again Kate is desperate to hold on to what she has. This is problematic since Vincent is always putting his life on the line to save others. Both strike out to find a solution to their predicament. However, before they are able to make head way trouble comes from an unsuspecting direction. Time is something they have been fighting for but now it may be a mute point.
The pace of this book was a bit slow and steady for the most part. It can be attributed to the united couple glow they have going on. The initial excitement of falling in love is past and we get to witness the cute but not terribly interesting continuation. Kate and Vincent do everyday ordinary things that every new romantic couple does. The main exception being one is undead and the other training with deadly weapons. To keep the pace from flat lining both Kate and Vincent set themselves the task of solving their impossible relationship problems. Impending doom is a constant threat hanging over the pages and, with time, everyone, including myself, started to lower their defenses. This is where the book really starts to fly as the doom no longer hangs in the wings.
While Vincent seems to be a straight goody two shoes sort of guy he isn't unbearable. He seems so perfect it should be hard to connect with him. Somehow there are enough moments when we get to see him out of his perfect calm as to make him enchanting. Kate makes a good opposite to his character.
There were some really great moments of secrecy in this book. While things are becoming clearer about the revenant world there are still a lot of teasers lying around. Two of these teasers are Jules and the Champion. I have some ideas but I think I will wait and see how it plays out before voicing them.
The blurb for this book couldn't be more perfect. This is just the sort of book you want to pick up and read all night. But beware, you may wish you had waited for the last book to be released before starting.
As the book closes it claims both the epithet of heart stopper and heart breaker. There could not have been a more dramatic and torturous ending. It was written so well that I easily found myself right next to Kate as she dealt with it emotionally. Now I find myself in despair of the wait for the last book.