Wednesday, May 9

Horse Race Booth: Wednesday - Spring Blog Carnival

****!!RACE CLOSED!!****

First up I must announce the winning horse of yesterday's race. . .


It was a close call between Partials and Shadowcry.
Fracture and Starcrossed got majorly distracted.

If you chose that horse to champion congratulations you have been entered into the prize pot. To everyone else better luck with the next race.
For return players you can skip the formalities being repeated and check out today's horses racing. Place your bet in the form not the comments and answer the new question in the comments section.

Who doesn't love a little carnival fun. I sure haven't outgrown my love for carnival games. Lori over at Pure Imagination along with Angela from Reading Angel and Candace from Candace’s Book Blog are throwing the second annual Spring Blog Carnival. I have joined up with them to host a booth. This is likely all stuff you know if you are following along by linky.

Step right up
Only one comment to enter a bet
Just answer the question: (This is your ticket for the booth and to place a bet)
What was or is your favorite carnival ride?
Please place your bet through the form not the comments. We don't want to sway the other entrants. The form also gives me a way to contact the winner.
We have a lovely copy of The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater as a prize
(US only)

There are four horses that will be racing today. Bet for your favorite one. If the horse you chose wins your entry will be placed in the pot to win the prize at the end of the carnival. Sorry only the winners advance to the final round here. So choose wisely! There will be a new race each day this week. Come back each day this week to bet on the new horses. You are allowed to enter once each day. That means seven different comments and seven different bets. There might be a way to tip the race in your favor. Spread the word any way you can. Encourage your friends to come and bet on your horse as well.

Today's horses are:

Shatter Me jockeyed by Tahereh Mafi

Crossed jockeyed by Ally Condie

Dark Mirror jockeyed by M. J. Putney

Waterfall jockeyed by Lisa T. Bergren
 They are ready to race so hurry and get your bets in. Which horse is your favorite or is the most likely to come out the winner?

Remember you must comment below for your bet to count and fill out the form.

The results of the race will be posted the following day before the new race starts.

A recap:
You can comment once each day and place a corresponding bet on that day's race.
A total of seven possible entries if you come back each day and your horse wins.
The entries for the winning horses each day will be placed in the pot and one will win the prize.
They will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to respond.

One more time:
Comment + Form = Bet
Winning Horse Bets = Entry for Prize
Losing Horse Bets = Sorry No Luck
(7) Races  (7) Days  (7) Comments  (7) Bets

Today's comment question is:
What was or is your favorite carnival ride? 

Fill out the form to record your bet.

****Don't record your bet in the comments section only in the form.****

Good luck and may your horse be swift of feet!

Now head on over and enjoy some of the other carnival booths.


  1. Favorite ride is the Marygo round

  2. My favorite ride as a kid used to be the kiddie train but now its definitely the ferris wheel! I'm terrified of heights and I guess that's part of the thrill! ;)

  3. I liked the Zipper! Cages that rotated on oblong, rotating contraption. I always thought I was going to die...and somehow, that was fun!

    P.S. Thanks for putting WATERFALL in the horse race. So side saddles, please!

  4. Ooh, Waterfall is in the horse race. Well, I've placed my bet ;)

  5. I loved the Tilt-a-Whirl. Spinning fast, but not upside down. :)

  6. Favorite ride would be the carnival swings, always fun and relaxing :)

  7. My favorite was always the farris wheel. I love seeing everything from up top--people look so small! :-P

  8. I always loved the carousel, why? Because you get to ride beautiful otherworldly horses and you feel like you are in a fairy tale!!! I also always loved the mechanical swings! One time I rode them five times in one day!!! My money is on Waterfall!!! :D

  9. Favorite carnival ride? :) Ferris wheel. It can be romantic!

  10. I'd have to say a tame roller coaster. ;)

    Loved Waterfall!

  11. My favorite carnival ride is the Apollo. It puts you in a cage and twirls you upside down then it stops when you are hanging upside down. I love it.

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  13. I've always enjoyed the swings or that ride that spins your around really fast and you kind of stick to the walls. It's intense! :D

  14. My favorite carnival ride will always be the Ferris Wheel! I love it I could ride it over and over it's so relaxing!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  15. The Ferris Wheel was the only one I didn't get sick on... so, by default. :) But it really was cool to be up that high. So yeah. That's my selection!

    Emily @ The Ninja Librarian

  16. I liked the tilt=a=whirl rid the best.

    crwg96 (at) aol (dot)com

  17. My favorite carnival ride is the Ferris Wheel! I love seeing the skyline in a new way, and having a lazy ride back down the earth. :)

    Beth W
    bethwade1 at gmail dot com

  18. My favorite Carnival ride is the ferris wheel! :)

  19. The haunted house ride, even though I was always scared to death, I still loved it!

  20. Roller-coasters! Especially ones that go upside down :) I guess I'm a little bit of a thrill-seeker.

  21. I love the swings---but the older I get my stomach just can't handle much thrill.

  22. I guess I would have to say the tilt a whril is my favorite ride.

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  24. My favorite carnival ride is the scrambler. Thanks for the giveaway!