Friday, December 30

Bloggiversary: One Year

(Making the best of what could be a bad moment)

Officially, yesterday was my one year mark in the book blogging world.  I am nowhere near where I thought I would be.  I had grand visions of grandeur.  It was a spectacular sight to see.  So I guess I wasn't taking into account the reality of myself.  Yep, not the most social on my best day.  Why do you think I am so addicted to books?  These fictional characters make such low maintenance friends.  I have had in mind a sweet way to celebrate that I have managed to survive this long.  I have heard it said that most bloggers give up in their first year.  Yea!  I am above average, especially since I have posts planned out for almost the next month.  But looking back it hasn't been an easy road.  

1. Pregnancy comes along with motion sickness sparked by simply running your eyes across the lines of a page repeatedly.  It made reading impossible unless I wanted the books covered in bile.

2. Pregnancy makes you so very tired not even the best of books could keep you awake.  Not to mention the less than best have no chance at all.

3. Pregnancy makes you uninterested in just about everything.  Therefore, I had a lack of books read and subsequently next to no blog posts.

4. Pregnancy affects memory.  Now where did I put that book again?  I could swear I just had it in my hand.

5. No blog posts means no one comes to your blog anymore and good old friends disappear off to greener pastures.

6. Pregnancy hormones make you want to weep that all your months of hard work and hopes putting a blog together have been destroyed in a trimester of nausea.  Is it even worth trying?  Especially, when no one is there anymore?

7. Labor and Delivery can be a nightmare.  Sometimes you get to be the rare complication that really messes up your life and those around you.  Yep, I was one of those rare once in a decade major complications that really set me back.  And not in a way that gave me reading time.

8.  A Toddler and a newborn make reading a nigh impossibility.  I think I read the same sentence four or five times before I get enough time to finish a whole paragraph.  My readathon goals have shrunk to something along the lines of "finish one page in the next ten minutes."  I am so happy to get one book finished in a week.  Well, not really happy since I know I could do better if I could only find better focus.

9. Did I mention Pregnancy and Motherhood seemed to have sapped my brain cells?  I wish that were the only thing killing of my brain.

Anyway, as I was saying before I got sidetracked.  I have been thinking about doing a contest giveaway thingy.  There are even books or possibly a larger prize I have my eye on.  But as hinted at above, I am rather space cased and have been slow getting around to it.  So hopefully, I will get my act in gear and get it set up soon.  It sure doesn't help that I am participating in two time consuming challenges right now.  But at least one of them is helping me get through an insane pile of books.  So don't go away until you can celebrate with me belatedly.  And thanks for checking up on me(well my blog really).  It means a lot when I get comments and I know that someone can hear my ramblings about books.  I promise the great giveaway fun is coming.

My next year of blogging goals.

1. Keep reading

2. Keep posting

3. Review some books that take me out of my comfort zone

4. Help other bloggers

5. Try not to fall too far behind in the blogging universe of technology

6. Try to get a few ARCs

Yep, I am basically going to "TRY."  What else can a girl do?