Thursday, December 22

Vanish: Book Review

by Sophie Jordan

Loved It!  I had a really hard time putting this one down.  If it weren't for my absolute inability to keep my eyes open at night now I would have stayed up and read straight through.  The cover itself is fantastic as well.  I am so glad the individual on the cover didn't turn out to be everything I thought she would.  There is hope yet.  I love the layers of trouble brewing for the character in this book.  It just seems to keep piling up.  Jacinda has really made some interesting choices in this book.  I can't say I agree with each of them but it sure made for some interesting reading.  There was no lack of amazing moments to keep you reading in this book.  Basically, I feel a bit tongue tied since it seems everything I want to praise would be a bit too revealing.  So frustrating.  I really wish that Dragons were the big deal in the book world right now.  They are so fresh and exciting.  Well, I guess I don't want them overdone so I will just be happy with this fabulous book.  I most definitely recommend this whole shebang for you to read.  If you haven't picked up Firelight yet don't postpone any longer.  Waiting to read this one?  I suggest you wait no longer.  Unless of course you are trying to wait until the final book or books are published.  Well in answer to that course of action I will tell you that the ending is satisfying but leading at the same time.  It is worth the read.