Wednesday, December 21

Mid-Week Meet n' Greet: 12/21

How it will go down:  You bring along a fictional character and a food they would eat.  We all share in the feast while we read your answer to the completely random question.  Yep, that is pretty much it.  Feel free to comment your stuff below or link up your post.  No pressure.  Never mind, I mean tons of pressure.  We are all counting on you don't let us starve intellectually or in our bellies.

This week I brought Rachel from Away.  Rachel has brought some Away camp rations.  Oh, my goodness you shouldn't have, Rachel, no really.

So onto the intellectual stimulation.
If you could add one month to the calendar year, inserting it between two existing months, where would you put that extra 30 days? (You can assume that the weather for this new month will be a mix of the weather typical of the month preceding it and following it.)

Rachel wants to add that she would like to add a month between April and May since she loves watching plants grow and sprout flowers.

First off, why does it have to be a 30 month?  Why not 31 or 28? Or dare I say 43, hey it is all speculation and imaginary anyway.  I think the answer to this question really depends on the time of year I am currently experiencing.  That and the area I live in.  I don't have snow where I live and I wouldn't mind having a bit of that.  Plus, the holiday season is full of a lot of fun.  So if I could have more of the holiday excitement I would add a month in between December and January.  I am just not ready for the year to end just yet.

For those of you not taking this seriously, I could just ship you off to Away.