Thursday, December 8

Silence: Book Review

by Becca Fitzpatrick

Alright, let me just say this upfront.  I was reading the prologue and was absolutely lost.  I kept shutting the book to look at the cover and then checking the name of the preceding book.  None of this sounded even vaguely familiar.  Did I miss a book.  Eventually, I decided I was on the right book and to just press on.  Yep, it works out my memory blank has been restored.  I actually think it helped me to understand Nora just a bit better in this book.
Perhaps, I have become a bit desensitized to Patch.  I was somehow able to almost like him.  He didn't seem like such a crazy maniac.  Or maybe I am just starting to believe that he can have good inside him.  Nora wasn't such a pain in my mind either.  They sort of grow on you a bit like fungus.  
So other than that, I rather liked this book.  I can't believe it took me so long to read.  There was plenty of action and discovery.  It was interesting trying to figure out the puzzle before they did.  But the author kept things just out of reach.  So I most definitely recommend reading this book if you have made it past the first.  If you are a complete Patch hater, who knows maybe reading this book will soften your opinion of him.  Or perhaps not, happy reading either way.

Spoiler Section:
So does anyone have an idea as to where Patch's feather came from.  I mean he pointed out that he didn't have any.  So should I assume that the archangels purposely sent the feather to Nora?  I wasn't really buying the drama at the end of the book.  It didn't seem to me that Patch was all that biased about Nephilim.  I pretty much got the vibe that all he cared about was Nora.  Also, the whole war thing was just crazy.  Supposedly, they have been at war forever so why is it all of a sudden different?  I am sure the next book will explain it all.