Saturday, December 10

The Crossroads: Book Review

by Chris Grabenstein

Review by Womble Dean

 Zack has just moved to a small town with his father and new stepmother.  His birth mother never liked him and he feels that she is still following him around and trying to dog his steps.  His stepmother is pretty great from what he can tell so far, but it's hard for any kid that's been mistreated to learn to trust again.  It's in this new setting that Zack's past and beliefs in the continuation of the spirit after life become the backdrop to the things that will play out between worlds in his new home. 

What I really like about this book is the believability of the characters and storyline that are all brought together through the mysterious tree at the crossroads.  It was a very interesting way to look at the decisions people make and the things they choose to believe and how all of those things both weave us together and tear us apart.  If you're up for considering a paranormal murder mystery, this book would be a good choice.