Tuesday, August 23

Blood: Book Review

by K.J. Wignall 

Publication Date: September 27th

This was not quite the run of the mill vampire love story so common in the presses these days.  Romance took a backseat in this book.  My only problem with the romantic element in this book is that it isn't there and then suddenly full blown.  I guess the girl doesn't have commitment issues.  The author has added several layers and keeps you wondering what is going on and where this will end up.  There is prophecy and some very sly characters.  Although you won't know just how sly until the end.  Then you will be a bit amazed at how well they pulled off the charade.  I found it interesting that the main Character William is so firm in his conviction that he is the Earl of Mercia.  What is the big deal about that.  I am sure it will come to play later in the series but at this point you have to wonder why.  Maybe, he just has nothing else and wants to hold onto one thing that can help to define him.  His whole existence and reason for what he does to survive is something else.  I found his reasoning for eating heartless but at the same time rather grounded.  He doesn't have any qualms but in a non-threatening way.  I like the addition of the second bad guy, like I said layers.  It seems the series is setting up for a rather promising next book.

Spoiler Section:
Does anyone get the feeling that this so called bad guy/good guy Wyndham has a vendetta to settle?  I think perhaps that is the only logical explanation, at least at this point.  Everyone else seems to think the Labraid guy the ultimate evil.  So why wouldn't Wyndham be set on getting rid of him.  Why is he after the last guy in the chain?  Talk about small goals.  Perhaps, Will did something to someone and incurred the wrath of this guy.  I mean why else be so determined?