Thursday, August 11

Tiger's Quest: Book Review

by Colleen Houck

This was some book.  But no matter what happened I could not put it down.  Probably with a bit of hindsight I would raise my ratings but I don't yet see the end.

Moment Divine: "You must learn to take a step back and visualize the whole piece. If you focus only on the thread given to you, you will lose sight of what it can become. Durga has the ability to see the piece from beginning to end. You must trust her."
"Don't allow yourself to become disheartened when the thread doesn't suit or seems unsightly to you. Wait and watch. Be patient and devoted. As the threads twist and turn, you will begin to understand, and you will see the pattern finally materialize in all its splendor."

When I came across this passage I first thought you could very easily substitute the authors name in place of Durga.  This can apply with all books.  The author knows the whole piece and we should trust them and continue to follow it to the end even when things are not going the way we could wish.  My second thought was that there was most definitely something coming up in the book that I would in now way like.  Sure enough before I knew it I was in outrage.  Of course, I suspected just what would happen based upon pieces of her dreams and what just plain made sense.  But of course, as a reader I have the luxury of that sort of vision.  I can only imagine what it would be like to be Kelsey under these circumstances.  I am rather afraid of what is to come in the next book.  I honestly can't figure out how everyone gets a happy endings.  Perhaps, a happy ending is not in the cards for each of the players.
Man I really feel bad for Kishan.  He seems to be a great guy for the most part but this whole book is just creating a catastrophe for the near future.   I will admit that I liked hanging out with Kishan much more than Ren.  Ren just rubs me the wrong way.  To smooth and full of himself by half.  I like the honestly and frankness of Kishan's demeanor more.  Don't take this to mean I am on Kishan's team.  I don't agree that you should even allow the thought of a possibility of a relationship sprout up with another while you are committed to someone else.  I really think Kelsey is dumb in this respect and doesn't deserve the love and attention of either guy.  They are much too nice to her.

Spoiler Section:
What?!?  Okay, I get why Durga had to protect him in just this way but ouch.  I am also a bit sad that it hasn't crossed Kelsey's mind that it is in fact Durga's doing that has blanked Ren's mind.  But then she is usually quick to jump to conclusions so I guess it isn't that surprising.  As far as Kishan goes, sure I want him to be happy but my loyalty is to Ren even if I don't like him much of the time.  For me I put a lot of weight on the connection thing.  Sure Kishan could replace Ren and make Kelsey happy but the difference in strength of the love connection must mean something. 
Alright, so the rant I had as I realized what was going to happen to Ren was something.  I was thinking that the gods have taken a very traditional route.  We are all wise you are just a human, what does it matter the happiness of two when compared to the bigger picture.  Then as I watched her develop a stronger relationship with Kishan I wanted to scream and slap her stupid face.  Didn't we just go through this whole choosing thing.  Why are you allowing your thoughts to wander.  Is it really that hard to be faithful?  I am under the impression that we are talking about a forever sort of love and you should not even be tempted to think about betraying that sort of thing.  And I was not buying the whole "the very purpose of life is to be happy" thing.  Sure it is but in this case I am really voting she stays in mourning romantically yet doesn't let if affect her purpose.  Show some solidity of character.  You are such a roaming skank.  Okay, can you tell I don't like her, at least when it comes to all the men in her life.
I do have one question.  So the weaver said that both tigers are need her but with the mind blank Ren doesn't have that anymore.  Do you think it will last, and will it cause a problem?  Or is the mind blank temporary, and other problems will arise from the temporary blackout?  If it is temporary how far is Kelsey going to go?  And how forgiving is Ren going to be?