Friday, August 12


When it comes to a series I really like I sometimes use my waiting time to toy with what I think the author will use for an ending.  Or just what the last book will contain.  In most cases I am horribly wrong but once I actually got a large part of an ending right.  It was such a great feeling.  So I thought I would post about these imaginary endings when they cross my mind.  I also think it would be fun to see what ideas you have out there as well.  If you are privy to the actual ending please refrain from providing any information that would be considered a leak.
The Tiger Saga is what is currently on my mind, especially since I just finished Tiger's Quest.  There are still two books coming so this could apply to either.  Oh, the waiting is hard to do.

So here are my ideas:
Ren's memory loss is temporary and he snaps out of it and such a mess ensues.  If this does happen I really think the fifth sacrifice should be her giving up her life.  That way no one is happy but they all get the equal chance to make something of what is left of the wreckage.  Besides at this point I am so unhappy with her I don't think I want her to have a happy ending.  Although, another thought was that maybe with her offering up herself as a sacrifice the one who truly loves her will give her up.  Just like in that King Solomon situation with the two mothers and one baby.  Then we will know just which one is her true love and can move on.  I of course, expect Ren to the be the one to give her up to save her life since he went through an unimaginably large amount of torture for her.  I mean it can't be much more obvious to me that he really loves her.

So anyway, those are my current thoughts.  I don't mind being wrong in the least, but just like to pass the time enjoyably.  Here is to hoping the next books is a spectacular journey with plenty of surprises.