Tuesday, August 30

Tris and Izzie: Book Review

by Mette Ivie Harrison

Talk about a real let down.  I have enjoyed several books by this author.  This book however was so disjointed.  It seemed that you would be following one thought and then suddenly without a proper transition you find yourself somewhere else.  The characters were always alluding to something that had happened in a way that made it seem as if you just skipped two pages of reading.  I was constantly flipping back to see if I had turned more than one page.  Another problem I had with this book was the completely lame male lead.  Can Tristan be any more lame?  I mean by the end of the book I am thinking why did she go for this loser instead of the other guy.  It was like he had no will of his own.  Yes, my lady master I will go and do anything you tell me too.  It was supposed to be some super show of his trust in her but it just screamed weak.  The whole facing off with the big bad snake was just odd.  For one why didn't they try and prepare a bit before they got there.  It just seemed wrong for him to be explaining things as they happen.  Oh wait, don't do that.  Oops, too late!  For the most part the book was just plain cheesy and hard to stay focused on.  Some of the things in the story just sounded dumb, like them flying by sword.  I am sure I have read it in other books where it actually seemed cool.  But somehow the appropriate time wasn't taken to fill in some necessary transitions.  So much of the book just feels dumb.