Wednesday, August 10

Monster Review-a-thon: Mini Challenge 4

Updating Review Lists

Well, I had never considering having a page where are of my reviews were listed.  I am not so sure that it would be used very often, but you never know.

I went ahead and set the whole thing up.  Talk about a lot of tedious work to get it done.  But so long as I keep up on it there shouldn't be a problem.


  1. Good job!
    I am way too lazy to do this, especially since I don't really see the point in them. But I am sure for some people they will come in handy. I usually only do a blog search if I am looking for something specific.

  2. Oh yea, I can see how that would be tedious and long. :) You have soo many

    I think having a review page is nice addition to ones blog. Great Job and I am looking forward to reading some of your reivews


  3. Wow! You got a lot up there. I know it's tedious at first (we were linking up like 400 titles when we moved to our new blog - ouch!) but it's nice once it's done and you can keep it up to date by checking on it once a week or once a month. Looks great and keep it up!