Monday, August 8

Eye Candy: I

So I have been thinking about the difference between the books that catch my eye and the ones that demand to be read.  There are more books out there than I have time to read.  As such I have to be selective and even at that I end up with some bum deals all too often.  I thought as a way to catalog the books that pass my direction a bit better I would post about them.  Almost like a rating system or just a way to organize my brain.  So below are the books that have caught my eye this last week and why.  It will be interesting to look back and see which ones ended up demanding to be read and why.
by Lisa T. Bergren
Reason: Cover
Blurb sounds interesting

Beautifully Broken
by Sherry Soule
Reason: Cover

by Jessica Warren
Reason: Cover

by Alex Flinn
Reason: Cover
Plus having recently seen the movie Beastly I have turned my eye back in this authors direction.

by Rachel Mead
Reason: Cover
And I really like this author, or at least the last series.

by Janet Lee Carey
Reason: Cover
Plus I really like the title.

by Anna Carey
Reason: Cover

by Lauren DeStepfano
Reason: Cover(Although this cover is painful it really drags my attention.)  I might almost read this book even though I didn't like the first.

by Maggie Stiefvater
Reason: Cover(This is the first one that I have really liked.  It doesn't make sense.)

by Elizabeth Miles
Reason: I have seen it all over blog posts in the last week.

by Kevin Hearne
Reason: Cover(I mean isn't this guy good looking?)

by Kim Harrington
Reason: Cover(The first book didn't get me.) 

Soul Thief
by Jana Oliver
Reason: Cover(I love the blue and gray scale.)

by Josephine Angelini
Reason: Cover

It seems all of this weeks eye candy I have seen on other blog posts. I wonder if any of these will make it on my TBR and of those who will demand to be read. Until next time.