Tuesday, August 9

Plain Kate: Book Review

by Erin Bow

I was drawn to this book by the trailer.  It reminded me of several books that I have liked.  This was a very good read.  I hardly put the book down.  The characters were interesting and my desire for something good to happen kept me turning pages.  Plain Kate faces some really hard moments and even harsher treatment by others.  This book really deals with false judgement and our attempt to judge those most who can't fight back.  Even though in the end things don't turn out so well as I would hope they do turn out much better than it seems possible.  Somehow from the shreds of her life she manages to get back up and keep going.  There is still possibility and life to live.  The talking cat was a very interesting addition to this book.  I liked that the cat though intelligent brings trouble to the pair of them.  Nothing is perfect not even the wish of her heart.  The villain was a good mix of someone who still had a shred of good hidden somewhere deep inside.  It really added more dimension to the relationship between himself and Plain Kate.  This is definitely one of those books I have no desire to live.  What a sad and cruel world Plain Kate inhabits.