Thursday, August 25

Dark Mirror: Book Review

by M.J. Putney

Alright, so up until half way through the book I am thinking,"What is the title referring to?"  Yea, it was half way through the book before half the title makes sense.  After having finished the book I don't really get why it is dark but I guess it doesn't really matter.  
The book was great!  I was fighting against tears.  The visuals the descriptions created in my mind were so very stirring.  The fact that those visuals are based in reality just made them all the more haunting.  I wanted to be there with the characters fighting to save the soldiers as well.  It gets even better than that.  Now I have read a lot of male leads and they usually follow the exact same lines.  Well this one was truly the gentleman and the last couple of lines made me want to name my first born son after him.  I was so very impressed.  Before this book I didn't even like his name.  

Spoiler Section:
Alright so there was in my mind this really great misdirection in the book.  It could have been just me but when Nick stepped through that mirror I instantly saw Tory's whole future before my eyes.  I really wanted something impossible to happen.  Mainly some sort of future between her and Allarde.  I suddenly thought there was no way for him to step through unless he inherited this power from an ancestor.  And then I thought it meant that Jack and her would end up tied.  I was disappointed.  Further when the two Rainford women exclaimed about her being Lady Victoria I thought for sure she was an ancestor they had heard about.  Yep, I wanted to throw the book on the floor and move on with life.  Well, except for the fact that the hooks were settled too deep into my consciousness at that point.  I just had to read it through to its horrible conclusion.