Thursday, August 4

Stork: Book Review

by Wendy Delsol

Moment Divine: {"See," Penny said. "I knew I'd get you. It's tradition. The Saturday before the dance, the school throws a big bonfire event.  Girls write the name of their chosen guy on a piece of paper and throw it into the fire.  Then the boys have until the bonfire burns down to ask someone.  The fire is supposed to have magical properties.  If a girl has true feelings for a boy, the fire will grant her wish." Penny looked at me with a sort of rapture.  She was, obviously, a believer.
Goody, goody, I couldn't help thinking. And when we're done with that, we can ask the Sorting Hat to divide us into houses.}

I loved the inner commentary Kat had going on in her head.  In my opinion that was the best part.  As far as the romance, I would say that it was rather sudden and intense.  No wonder the girl was confused.  The guy was totally hating her guts or so we were led to believe and then bam pucker up.  In a way I suppose it works with his background and all.  I thought the story of how he first saw her was a cute if not a bit early for such feelings.  Come on, he was twelve years old.  Sure tiny crushes at that age but not forever.  I got a bit confused when the book was wrapping up.  Maybe, I am just trying to find more to it but I don't really get the "importance" of the two of them specifically. The nice thing about thinking back over parts in the book is that some stuff seems to have more meaning now.  Or perhaps just make more sense. Sneaky little wind.