Tuesday, August 2

Drink, Slay, Love: Book Review

by Sarah Beth Durst
Publication Date: September 13th

Reading this book was more of a personal challenge than anything else.  I mean a Unicorn!  How many books work out with unicorns.  I begin to think they are a taboo subject.  Just don't go there.  Or, perhaps this author has the magic words to make it awesome.  Does anyone else get just the tiniest bit thirsty looking at this cover?
Alright, so that was a bit of a refreshing read.  At first I came across some rather blatant hints and cheesy lines.  But as the story rolled on somehow the author managed to turn these cheesy moments and lines into hilarious boosts to the book.  I mean were-unicorn, come on.  But believe me somehow instead of rolling my eyes I just chuckled.  It was a great lighthearted read.  One moment it is death and torture and the very next be careful not to step in that rainbow poop.  Okay, not technically but you get the idea.  I also really liked that the romance wasn't forced upon me and took a very big step into the background. Give this book a try if you want to have some laughs.  Plus it is the first book I have read involving unicorns that didn't suck.  Oh wait, I guess vampires and sucking, right?  Okay, not so funny.