Thursday, August 18

Passion: Book Review

by Lauren Kate

This book followed what I would expect of a time travel book.  There were times of yawns and boredom.  Other times of absolute confusion and a feeling of pointlessness.  Luce got on my nerves with the whole I don't want Daniel now I really want him.  I kept waiting for the book to start going somewhere and it just wasn't happening.  There were a few points that I rather liked.  For one, there was a point that she realized that even if she was a completely different personality in a life Daniel would still love her as if he had no will of her own.  At this point I was thinking what a sick relationship they have.  Why would she be so many different personalities?  Wouldn't you think a soul is more that just flashing lights but a personality as well?  Well, I think so.  The other thing that actually intrigued me was right at the end when she is talking to the big bad guy.  I just thought his perspective of things was an interesting view.  It made me think.  Free will, power, greed, purpose what do all these things mean and get around to.  Other than that I found this book rather weak and a let down.