Tuesday, October 23

Daughter of the Flames: Book Review

Daughter of the Flames

Walker Books
March 3rd 2008
Young Adult | Fantasy

Official Blurb -
What if your deadliest enemy were the only one who could save you?

Inside an ancient temple in the mountains, fifteen-year-old Zira trains in the martial arts to become a warrior priestess who can defend the faith of the Ruan people. Bearing a scar on her face from the fire that killed her parents, the orphaned Zira is taught to distrust the occupying Sedornes. Terror strikes when the forces of the tyrannical Sedorne king destroy the only home she knows. To survive, Zira must unravel the secrets of her identity, decide her people’s fate — and accept her growing feelings for a man who should be her enemy.

The people in this book are a mismatched group. They just can't seem to get along. But even though they can't agree there comes a point where it is work together or embrace a darker future.

The villain is one evil crazy person. When he devolves his diabolical plan for the future it makes him sound like an extremely deranged individual. He doesn't seem to have any limits on what he would do to get what he wants.

There isn't much romance. I often wondered how strong their feelings were for each other. At least there is one update on Zahira's feelings for Sorin. But otherwise their relationship just seems like that of a convenient marriage in which they work together simply for the best of others.

The ending was abrupt and anti-climatic. There is a really pretty speech given but I suspect the future is going to be anything but pretty.

Violence: Moderate