Saturday, October 27

Quote Me: Battle - Shadow and Bone vs. The Demon's Surrender

4th Level Battle

The remaining contenders refuse to back down. After so much bloodshed they will see it through to the end.

Entering the arena. . . drumroll. . . our first contender for is. . .
"I don't have ti--"

"Make time!" I snapped. "I've covered almost two hundred miles on horse back. I haven't had a good night's sleep in a week, and I've nearly been killed twice. So before I do anything else, you're going to have to tell me who you are and why it's so very important that you get my clothes off."

Shadow and Bone

Voting will likely last for 24 hours. (This all depends on when I remember to close the poll.)

Our second contender believes in nothing but victory. . .
"What?" Nick said at last. "Do I have something on my face besides good-looking?"

The Demon's Surrender

Let this battle commence. 
May the best quote be left standing.
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