Friday, October 19

Eye Candy: XXXIX

During the week I spot different book covers that catch my eye for one reason or another. I keep track of them all here on my weekly Eye Candy post. Most of the books featured here I have not bothered to read the synopsis for. Just plain old fashioned cover envy or not in some cases. There are the occasional covers that catch the eye but not in I want to read that book more of a oh my goodness what were they thinking.


Darkness Falls

Cate Tiernan

Not sure I would want those eye lashes but they are really cool looking.

Taking Back Forever

Karen Amanda Hooper

I love the color scheme. Plus I just want to touch that trapped heart. It looks a little like a lollypop.


Jennifer L. Armentrout

I really need to check this series out. I love this fiery flower.

Scent of Magic

Maria V. Snyder

I love the scent wisps.



Victoria Lamb

How old is this girl? At least she mostly looks like a little girl. Not what I would expect.

The Dollhouse Asylum

Mary Gray

Very creepy. So perfect and yet so very wrong. Her eye color is just too blue.

What do you think about the covers?

Like it, love it, or could do without it?