Saturday, October 13

Quote Me: Battle - Starcrossed vs. Mastiff



You have waited with baited breathe (just pretend this was true) for this battle to start.

Wait no longer. . . drumroll. . . our first contender for ultimate quotedom is. . .
He looked around with tense shoulders and wide eyes.
"Made dinner," Helen told him in a flat voice.
"Did I do something wrong?" he asked tentatively.
"Of course not!  Why would you ask that when I just cooked you dinner?"
"Because usually when a woman spends hours cooking a complicated meal and then just sits at the table with a pissed off look on her face that means some guy somewhere did something really stupid."  He said still on edge.


Voting will likely last for 24 hours. (This all depends on when I remember to close the poll.)

Order has nothing to do with ultimate conquest. Matching word skill against this contender is. . .drumroll. . .
"All this torture of a little boy for a bloody chair and the ability to tell others what to do!  Who among the sane would want such a life?  ho would want the burden of so many lives and decisions?"


Let this battle commence. 
May the best quote be left standing.

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