Wednesday, October 10

Quote Me: Guess the Villainous Quote 2 - Giveaway

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Being that my favorite holiday is this month I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make the giveaway just a bit evil. What better place to find evil then in the many villains I have come across in my reading this year.  In these villainous posts you will come across either a quote or a cover. If you see a quote guess the villain and or book to enter the contest. If you see a piece of cover then guess the cover and/or tell me who the villain is from that book. If you don't know there are still easy entries.

First a few details:
Book up for giveaway: Purity
US only
Must be at least 13 years old

Villainous Quote:
"How do you expect to be a bad influence to humans if you aren't behaving badly yourself?...He'll have you working to the best of your abilities in no time at all. Don't take too long about it, though. Learn what you need to learn, and get to work."
Who is the villain?

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